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    Domanda:perche mettete 1 parte di 4wd nella benzina,
    io uso benzina avio a 110 ottani con 1%100 di olio i motori vanno bene e sono den lubrificati.
    Question: Why do you put 1 part in 4wd petrol
    I use 110 octane aviation gasoline with 1% 100 oil engines are fine and are lubricated den.

    Some people looking for lubrication in the engine top-end (cylinder and valves) use a mix of gasoline and some oil (WD-40 or Two stroke oil), there are people who use camping fuel ( similar to Benzine).
    I prefer to use straight fuel, either 100 octane or 92 octane.
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeApr 16th 2010
    The WD40 comes from Bob Shores. Some of his early engines had open cranks. Later he believed the WD40 oil washed bits away as a new engine ran. As the engine ran the amount of oil gets reduced.
    I have tried a bunch of different fuels. My shop is small and air conditioned so exhaust is a big deal. I like propane.
    Vi ringrazio delle spiegazioni ,la nostra benzina verde usarla su i miei motori fa un inquinamento ,io uso la benzina avio con 1% olio funziona molto bene.
    Il Landini inizialmente fonzionava a propano ore va a benzina, i motori ELLWE funzinano a propano.
    saluti a tutti IADER
    I thank you for explanations, our use unleaded fuel on my engine is a pollution, I use aviation gasoline with 1% oil works very well.
    Landini initially fonzionava propane hours to be gasoline engines ELLWE Funzine propane.
    greetings to all Iadera