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    • CommentAuthorbob shutt
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2010
    Dave just posted some pictures of my work shop. If you have pictures of your shop send them to Dave
    Bob Shutt

    Your shop looks great. How about filling us in with the make and model of your machines as well. Nice turret lathe and is that a little CNC mill I see beside it... maybe not CNC. Your large Bridgeport type mill sure looks nice too! I am in the mids of "throwing" out my Chineese poorly made table mill with an old swiss mill... made they way tool machines were supposed to be made.

    It looks like you are working a a model Gattling Gun too.... NICE!

    I too wish more people would share their shop with us. Could also share interresing machining set-ups in the same page.
    Keep up the great work, thaks for sharing


    PS I wish I managed to keep my shop as neat as yours! H E L P !.... LOL
    • CommentAuthorbob shutt
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2010
    Thanks Jan
    The lathe is a clausing 12" swing 36" bed turret lathe. The Bridgeport type mill is a Wells Index old cnc with the stepper motors not connected. I use a piece tape on the dial and count turns. The machines under the sail boat are Dyna Myte bench top cnc lathe and mill. Part of the floor is covered with prego wood flooring that I took out of the dining room. Great conversation piece.