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    Well Jay, I am back on my Bugatti 8 cylinder. It is 1/4 scale with a .850 bore and 1-1/16 stroke. Works out to 4.8233CID. It was designed by your truely so this may not work but I gots to try it. It will be like a J8 on steroids.
    • CommentAuthorjay rich
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2010
    kool i am stiil messing with my valves and there cages i have alot of designing to do as in plugs cap rotor i hope i can get it to run rite and sound good to so far eack cylider has a base line compression of 25 to 30 psi it will work just beleve in it ....jay
    I have sent David some pictures of the finished cylinder liners. They are pressed in and finish bored. I also have the pistons completed. Now on to the easy part, the rings?

    Thanks for sharing, looks great so far!
    Real Nice desigen, it will be a classic and I like your way if thinking, "if you like it, you will use it on the engine designe"

    best of luck and happy chipping