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    • CommentAuthormacmclean
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2010
    I joined fame in 02 it was a good feeling to be in with a group with the same visions. Although i live in England most of the time i spend a lot of time in the US.Unfortunatly through domestic problems I have been out of touch from 05 to now.I had to rejoin becourse my password did not work at least i am back.
    Now first, was very sorry to hear about Jerry Howell I spoke to him several times for advice ,and also made a model of his Plunket which has run for many hours ,his designs were perfect.
    2nd what has hapened to Mike Neal and MjN fabrications I have several of his Exciter ignition coils and I have a most peculiar problem with one of them when I go to his web site I can find nothing about igintion coils anyone know what he is doing .Mac Mclean
    Im not sure but i heard that Mike's mother had some medical issues that forced him back to a full time job. Ray Sholl has picked up the ignition part of the hobby.

    Mac welcome back!
    I have spent hours drooling over your JAP model engine, in my view it is perfection. there are far too few motorcycle engines being modeled.... and never plans to the ones being built. Ron has built a HD Panhead model have you seen it?
    Real nice too!
    Good to have you back looking forward to your posts and maybe some pictures.

    Best of luck

    • CommentAuthormacmclean
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2010
    Mac McLean
    Hi Steve, thanks for your info. and for the link