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    Well after playing email tag with Uncle Dale Detrich all week, the peewee finally ran!!

    As soon as i get straight on email with david, i'll get some photo's and this video in the gallery.

    • CommentAuthorkamran
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    Very nice sound. I watched it 4 times so far and this gives me a little more motivations to finish up my engine.

    Few questions:
    I didn't see any water flowing into radiator, is it because is hard to see that in the video?
    What kind of metal are you using for the distributor terminals? I'm using brass and someone told me is going to burn and I should switch to steel. Any idea on that?
    I'm trying to improve the water pump on my engine, what size gears are you using (OD and width) and ~ how much water that pump circulate at low and high RPM?
    You mentioned Peewee finally ran. What kind of issues you initially had and what changes you made in order to get it running?
    How important is the fuel tank center line compared wit the carburetor position?
    • CommentAuthorPerko
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    Great sound! congratulations!
    I didn't have the radiator filled when that video was shot.

    Distributor terminals are stainless bolts with a copper rotor.

    The gear pockets are .343 diameter and .220 thick so the gears are a few thou smaller than that but only a few. I don't know how much water it will pump but i can turn the motor over by hand and move water thru the motor. It flows alot of water.

    I wasted months with valves and test fixtures. I should have just bolted the heads on and started the thing. Once everything was done it took a little while to find that the copper on the rotor was in the wrong position. Once i found out where the hall sensor triggered, I re-glued the copper piece in the right place and all 4 cylinders would fire.

    Dont know about the fuel tank elevation but here is my thinking. I put the top of the tank just below the fitting on the carb. That way the fuel cant flow into the carb unexpected. The carb makes alot of vacuum and can draw the fuel up with no problem and will empty the tank without any trouble. I put a small hole thru the center of the cap to relieve the vacuum created by the fuel being used.

    Send me your email address and i'll get you some info for the gears and show you some pics of the modifications i made to this pump.
    • CommentAuthorkamran
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    Hi Steve,
    here is my email
    steve, have a question.. im planning to pattern and build and engine similer to the pee wee v-4.. and was just wondering .. the math doesnt work with an 180 deg offset crank and a 90 deg block that the dist cap is set at 90 deg intervals.. is there somthing im missing?
    The copper on the rotor looks like a T. The first 2 cylinders fire on the leading edge and the second 2 cylinders fire off the lagging edge of the contact.

    The disk with the magnets for ignition has a magnet at 0, 90, 225, 315 degrees.

    1 fires at 0
    3 fires at 180
    2 fires at 450
    4 fires at 630
    ahhh that makes sense thanks alot for clearing that up!!
    Love the aggresive exhaust sound!
    What are the Cam modifications you made?
    The original cam had a duration of 240/260 In/Ex and a lift of .065. I made my cam with 280/280 and a lift of .070. I stayed with the 110 lobe seperation. I cant see more duration on the exhaust unless the valve is smaller and the valves in Peewee are the same size

    Steve, that was a treat, thanks.
    Sounds like a mean little hot rod engine.

    Steve.......It looks as if you did not have any major problems with the valves and cages......The engine sounds sweet, and looks as if it really wants to run......I bet that it feels good to end up with a fine running engine after the work that you put into it......I think (know ) that the good feeling is almost addictive..........U Dale
    Of course I dont have any valve problems. I had this really smart guy help me out with all that.

    I was addicted about 5 years before i started the first one.
    Hello Steve,

    Wow, great job on your build. And by the way, also very nice work on the Cam Cutting article. Sure made the build up of the cam much faster.

    Dirk Tollenaar
    (214) 543-5202

    Where have you been hiding? I have had at least 3 people contact me about castings and they tell me you do not answer their emails. Are you still at
    CASTINGS...... did I hea castings for the PeeWee?

    See what I mean