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    We had a good time at Cabin Fever even though some engine problems reared their ugly heads. Saturday was as busy as I have ever been at a show. I didn't have time to properly respond to people I know who said hello. My mind can only work on one thing at a time these days. Thanks to Hank Helman for the photos he has shared with us. Sunday was just the opposite. A large number of exhibitors left after the Saturday show and the number of visitors was way down. The power went off in the building for about an hour. Good thing there were some back up lights that came on because it sure got dark at first. It rained hard all day. Thankfully it let up a little when we loaded our engines. We hit some heavy fog in the mountains on the way back home. NAMES will be here soon. I've got to correct some problems with the Offy and my Harley and then try again to get the Novi running. The more engines you have the more problems you get. I keep trying to remind myself that this is supposed to be fun. Ron Colonna
    Hang in there Ron i sure love hearing your engines run. Can't wait to hear the Novi running.