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    Hello all....Well it is that time of the year, almost no daylight after 5:30 P.M. and soon we will be getting weathered in (snow).....Now is the time to pick out that "killer" project that we have put off , until the time was right......I have a few more days to finish the "tiny" - two cycle engine build, and I am looking for a winter project.....I am thinking of starting on building Wolfgang Trotscher's 90 degree V- twin airplane engine...The engine can be seen in the MULTI-CYLINDER section of the gallery.....It looks as if it would be a medium hard build.....It looks as if it will be a interesting building project......How about the rest of you ?? What are you planning to build, or to finish this coming winter ???? Thanks Dale Detrich
    Uncle Dale:

    Working in couple of projects and lining up the next one for mid next year.
    Trying to complete three Wallaby's from Westbury, this started as a group build, but my group suffered from attrition and I'm the only one left to finish the three engines now. Most of the easy parts are done ( crank shaft , camshaft, valves, con rods, pistons etc.) now it is time to make it all fit together, just working in rockers arms and valve train, then it comes to the hard part, putting all together and making sure they fit nicely.
    The three engines are at the same level of progress, some minor differences in building style will make each engine a bit different, but all internals are the same.

    I've been working and doing decent progress in a 9 Cylinder radial based in Lee Hodgson's plans, so far so good.

    Next project seems to be a Gnome Monosoupape rotary 9 cylinder.

    Cheers Jaime.
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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    I have noticed a severe drop off in postings but that happens every year as winter and spring approach. I know it is almost winter because I drove to work the other day with the AC off.
    I have started a project and hope to get it posted in work in progress. It is another vertical but .700 bore and a more compact design than my previous engines.
    I have followed Wolfgang Trötscher engines for many years and love that European detail in the plans. There are several in the gallery.
    Will i am working on my Cirrus 4 cly. trying to build three all a little different gave up on the castings am done with the blocks hope to finish the bottom end this winter.

    Bob Pickering
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    I'm trying to finish my 2 cylinder Roshi-2. the only thing left is the distributor and radiator. I just finished designing the distribution and should finish it in the next week or so and then I can work on the radiator. I'm thinking the engine should be completed by mid. January.
    Hey there,

    Its nice to see others peoples projects in progress, especially when my own time is not allowing me to work on my projects.... it keeps the flame going. Thanks for this site David. I also try to write tip articles for MEB to keep myself involved during "low season".

    At the moment I am trying to clean up my shop so i can get back in there before winter is over... looks like a disaster area at the moment... LOL
    I have had alot of shop time but mostly repair work on an older boat we purchased this past spring. I honestly don't know how I could get by without a home machine shop. The machines sure have paid their way. And the boat is in working condition.

    When I get back in the shop I will try to finish up my 3 Silver Angels, designed by the late Bob Shore.... so close, yet so little time to do it. My three childer sure keep me on my toes.... they are innocent children for so short a time and my shop is going no where. I can live with this.

    Dale, how does the new engine run??? Are you hitting RPMs of 13000?

    I would love to see some more post on the foundry work (lost foam) that was so active some months ago.... anybody have anything to share??

    I also wish more people would post picture of their shops, I find this very interresting. Some people have huge shop with all the toys on the list and others have small more limited shops.... yet engines are born there.

    Have a nice winter

    Hello Jan.........I have only run the "tiny" - two - cycle engine in short bursts of run time....We had a very poor set up for fuel, which held us to about eight short runs.....While turning the engine over, my friend dropped some fuel into the intake tibe.....The engine was running as soon as the fuel was in the engine.....The needle valve was very touchy, (new needle valve is complete and on the engine), and my screwed on head had a small leak (now repaired).....The engine ran very smooth (due to the big fan), and the acceleration was smooth......I have everything ready for the display box (now being made).....As soon as I get the box, I will install the engine,and get some real run time....I need to run the engine hard to check for any problems, I will set the box up for both glow and ignition running......The engine during the runs, had one run up to near 8000-9000 RPM....I will check for top end after I get it smoothed out.......The compression after the run seemed to feel like it had doubled, so I am looking for the longer steady running of the engine to get the ring (1) seated...
    The building of the engine will test your turning and mill working....I found a few bad dimensions while making the engine, so you should check twice before cutting metal....
    The engine has a nice exhaust sound.....I have installed a add on carb. to allow for controlled speed control.....The carb is a "easy on and off", to help keep the engine look as designed....The building of the engine was a nice build, and the engine looks as if it will be a good engine........Dale
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    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2009
    It all sounds wonderful but how about sharing some photos of what you are doing. A couple of interesting shots showing interesting details or set ups, or just a weekly progress photo or two.
    Over the weekend I had 2 great days in the shop starting a new engine. I posted a few photos of what I worked on in “Work In Process". It has been almost a year since I cut metal and had a good relaxing weekend.
    If you send the photos I will try to get them posted during the week.
    Don’t forget we have space for videos of running engines and tip or articles about engine building.
    Hello all builders....We all would like to share(look) at your winter build...If you would grab the camera, put some new batteries in the camera and shoot a few pictures of your project.....That will let the rest of us (FAME) see what you are doing over the winter time.....Again please throw in a few pictures of your shop, for the rest of us to see....The pictures of your project does not need to be a "killer"project, just what you are spending your time working on....... You do not even try to clean the shop up before the pictures.....We all know that you can not build and have a super clean shop.....Plus a dirty shop will keep the wife away, while you are doing your build......
    Thanks ......Dale
    I started making new heads for the Peewee yesterday. I am going to see if i can get some compression and get it running.
    Hello All,

    Bob P. has posted several pictures of his shop and it sure is a nice sized shop with lots of toys. I like his Lathe, Bob is it an Atlas?
    I will do my best in getting some more pictures to David this week.

    My bad, Bob has also posted pictures of his Hoglet, now complet. Beautiful Work Bob! Thanks for Sharing.

    Hi Jan sorry I am so late getting back to you but the Lathe is a 9" South Bend with converted V-Belt drive the Mill is a Calusing 8520 with a old Bridgeport M Head I Had the x axis redone on it about year ago both work great once you know your machines.

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    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2009
    Just last week we got the first new shop photos in about 2 years.
    Also when something new gets posted feel free to let people know where to look and see what you are doing.
    I am working on Dale's twin cylinder engine. I enjoyed makine the Brass T engine last winter and decided to move up a little in complexity to his twin. It is about 50% done. As usual Dale has been available whenever I need advice.
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    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2009
    I am trying to get my 1936 "Midget" four stroke engine running. Had to move a cam shaft hole in the case. What a pain! It was binding after I fixed the cam gears to the shaft!

    There are pictures of it on the site from a year or more ago.
    Next I will be cutting a key way in the crank shaft. I made a tiny keyway broach from Philip Duclos' book. It will cut a 1/16" keyway in the small cam gear.
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    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2009
    The Midget four stroke engine is from Popular Mechanics Magazine 1936 issue! It looks kind of clunky. The two part article shows all of the required dimensions for the casting patterns.
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    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2009
    Hank, how about some new photos?
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    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2009
    OK I took a few shots yesterday. I'm going to see if I can get them to load up here.
    Hello all......Well now that Christmas has passed, and the snow is falling outside it is time to finish the "tiny two cycle" engine....I have the display box and am now doing all of the fitting the engine to the box.....I have set the engine up to be able to run with glow ignition , and a quick change over to spark ignition ......I need to get the engine running for an extended time to see what problems come up.....It is always good to repair any problems , while you are still in the shop.......If the engine will run as designed, it should be able to get up in the 12,000 to 13,000 RPM range......I feel as if I should set up a scatter shield between the engine and my self......I will send a small video to David to post......Dale
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    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Dale: I'm trying to get the Midget running. Finished teh keyway on the crank shaft for
    the timing gear. Now I have to get the valves to seal. I only have two days until CABIN FEVER 2010 ! Are you coming up to York this year?
    Hank....We no longer go to the Cabin Fever show....We go to the NAMES show, and the fall show down at Zanesville, Ohio.....We got tired of fighting the weather/snow in late January.....Have fun at the show......I am still finishing the "tiny Two cycle" engine......It seems as if I go down to the shop, and end up with something else to work on.......I am working on a small steam engine, that a friend passed along to me, And I think that if I can graft on a carb,and some other parts that I can get it to run..........Dale
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    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2010
    For those who are going to Cabin Fever please take some pictures for all us who can’t get out this year.
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    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2010
    Hank Helmen has some photos from CabinFever
    go to events in the left margin, then click on Cabin Fever 2010.
    Thanks Hank.
    If you have photos to add please send them in.
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    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2010
    Hello Guys, I'm working on my 2cylinder engine (work in progress gallery), I started this project back in 2006 and after overcoming few frustrating obsticles (single piece crankshaft, piston rings etc..) I'm coming to interesting stage now. Mechanicaly engine should be ready, but ignition and cooling is not yet ready. At the moment I'm building water pump according to plans from Jerry Howell. It is interesting design with pernament magnetic field driven impeller. Some photos might appear in gallery soon. Also I've visited Echtdampf-Hallentreffen in Germany and took bunch of photos for all of you. check back soon.
    Peter Pereszlenyi
    Thansk for the pictures Hank. and thanks Ron for filling in with some details.
    One day I will make the trip to one of these shows.

    Hello All.....At last....The "Tiny Two Cycle" engine is finished, mounted on it's display box, test run for a few days, checked for speed, run on glow, run on ignition (R. Shull's)ignition.....The engine had a very good start up, with only a few small problems.....The engine is loud and smokey, and wants to over load my smoke tunnel , and smell up the house.....I did a few tach readings,and the engine did get up to 10,255 RPM on one run....This was with the carb, fan, and intake pipe on the engine....I believe that if I would remove the carb, pipe, and go back to the original engine only that the engine would do the 13,000 RPM design speed......I did finally receive the plans for the 90 degree twin-cylinder engine plans (with help from friend Jan T.).....I have a "must be done" thing going on now, and will start the twin engine soon.....There is a short video of the Tiny two cycle engine running coming soon.......I dragged the building of this engine out for a long time, still the building of the engine was a "fun" build......thanks....Dale

    Good to hear the plans came through, happy to be of help, any time just let me know. Good to hear the tiny two cycle is wraped up and you are happy with the results. Dale I was woundering what the carb and pipe changes were and why?
    Could you fill us in when you have a chance. I am looking forward to your twin build series in the gallery, you always show us great shot of your machining and set ups. Thanks for that dale.

    Jan.....I added a O/S Max carb (.280" venturi ID) and a intake tube to allow speed control for the engine.....The original engine set up was just a needle valve, and they controlled the speed by retarding the engine timing.....With only the needle valve it was full out speed when you ran the engine, so I made the pipe to slip onto the air intake tube (held by a band clamp)....The carb and tube can be remover in a short time, and the engine is back to the original set up......The engine will be run at the shows, and I did not want the total high speed runs at the shows.....I did not want to blow up the engine with a group of people standing close to the engine......With the carb. I can control the speed, and still display the engine......If anyone builds the engine, and want to add the speed control, just get in touch and I will provide information for what i used....The "tiny" two cycle engine was a good skill test for making the block, and to get everything fit into the block...... The twin cylinder build will start in a week or two........Thanks...Dale
    Aha! Thanks for the info Dale.


    Hello...............Is there anyone out there ??????? Work update .......I have set up and am now making spark plugs.....It is a boreing job, repeating the same thing 215 times.....I should be finished soon.....I am ready to work on the Trotscher 90 degree V - twin engine....I have not even looked at the plans yet, I will do that at the time I start on the engine........I an going to do a updated tach reading on the "tiny" two cycle engine.....I ran it again yesterday, and it is running better now........I hope to reach the 13,000 RPM design speed using the carb. If you hear a ( BANG), it may be the "tiny" unloading.......We are starting to think about the NAMES show, and looking forward to seeing some FAME members at the show..........Steve...The peeWee engine sounds super....I am looking forward to seeing it at the show.......LOTS of snow here in beautiful north central Ohio , but the roads clean up is real good......Hope that you all are keeping warm......See you at the show.....Dale
    I have been working on my straight 8 project. Pencil me in for 8 plugs UD. I had David put the pictures in the work in progress. I will keep trucking on this project but before names i need to disassemble the Peewee and clean it up. I need to seal 2 coolant leaks and see if can get the oil to stay in it. Seems to be leaking past the rear seal. Other than that, life is good!!
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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2010
    Hi Dale and everyone. I am currently building a V-twin of my own design. I have a pretty complete build article on HMEM. I will send David some pictures for the gallery.
    Hello snow bound people.
    I'm working in a series of three Wallaby's, most of the heavy work completed.
    Now it is time to get into the fine details, auxiliary systems like carburetor, ignition, exhaust lubrication.
    Will take some Work in progress pictures and send them along.
    One of the engines will be mounted inside an RC boat so I'm working in a electric starter and ignition advance mechanism linking carburetor and ignition advance.


    I know its spring but I figured this thread would be I nice place to say: Great work on the V-Twin. Looking sharp, great in progress shot as always dale. What do you think of the plans?

    One question, when making the crank out of seeral parts and silver soldering them.... what is your method of machining after the soldering... to ensure its consentric.

    Keep the updates rolling in


    Hello Jan and all.....Your question ...How to build a assembled and silver soldered crank ???? There are other builders that could answer your question better than I can....If you look back to when I was building the crank shaft for the vari-compression engine, you can see how I built that crank......The crank for that engine was a simple one cylinder ( it gets harder the more throws that you have)....I first turned the shaft for the engine , ( complete with a center drill in both ends ) and with the shaft I turned the crank circle as a one piece item.....Then I turned the other shaft complete with the crank circle for the other end.....I then take the 1/2 crank shaft/circle, and mount it in my rotary table, then locate the center of the shaft/circle......I then use a dial indicator to move the crank half of the stroke , then I drill and ream the first circle to accept the crank pin....Then without moving the rotary table , I install the second half of the crank and drill and ream it for the crank pin.......Try to make the pin fit as tight as you can......When I turn the shaft circle . I leave the shaft oversize, and the crank shaft circle is also left over size ......If you are using silver solder, you want to make sure to get some silver solder flow into the circ. / pin area.....I do this by taking your dremil tool and use one of their .025" thick cut off disc, and grind several grooves into the shaft where it will be pressed into the crank circle......The grooves provide a path for the silver solder to flow into the joint, which provides a stronger joint......Silver solder both sides ( if you have a problem getting the silver solder to flow, you should wash both the crank parts) and your hands....Keep everything clean.....Use a good flux for the joint......You should make sure to keep both sides of the circle lined up with each other....(remember that the parts are oversized ), and try to get as close to being in line.......After you have silver soldered , and let cool then take the crank and hold one end in your lathe chuck, and put the other end on a center in your tail stock.....Then cut a few ( .010 ) from the shaft size that is on the tailstock center.....Then reverse the shaft in the lathe, and cut a few thousands from the shaft ......Each time that you reverse, you will be cutting to be more true .....After you get down to the size that you want , then turn the OD of the circles to the correct size.......Dale
    I have only built 1 cylinder and 2 cylinder flat type crankshafts using the built up method. I had a few problems at first, but now they work out well. I use polished 01 drill rod for the basic crankshaft. I stack up the crankshaft web pieces as pairs, or do all four in the case of a two cylinder. I match mark each one of them so that after they are drilled and reamed to size as a stack, I can put them on the crankshaft in the same orientation as they were drilled as an adjacent pair. They will be a light press fit on the crankshaft. The crank pins are also a light press fit in the throws. I assemble the webs and crankpins on a single piece of drill rod at the proper locations using spacers to maintain web spacing. As Dales says, good silver brazing penetration often requires a few grooves or cuts with a Dremel tool. I try to avoid appling any silver braze material next to a bearing surface. I prefer to draw it through from the other side. Once brazed, I do any final machining between centers before removing the drill rod material between the crankshaft webs. This keeps the crankshaft alignment in tact during brazing and machining. Any balancing counterweights are bolted on. I have only done flat crankshafts with this method. I have recently done a pair of two cylinder crankshafts using penetrating Loctite for assembly and then used taper pins for final locking. This method also works well, and is quicker and less cleanup than silver brazing. I think the strength is quite adequate for slow to medium speed engines.

    Hello Jan......thanks for the $$$ relay for the twin engine plans....I am not very excited about working using the metric system.....I am converting every dimension to .001", then almost everyting, I am adding or taking a few .001 to bring most dimensions to our english dimensions.....The biggest reason is that I have a very small amount of metric tooling, and bringing fits back to our standards allows me to work using my tooling....I think that I read that you were doing the same with the three Bob Shores engines.....I have been trying to spend as much time as possible on the engine......David K. just a few days ago, posted some pictures of the engine progress in the in progress section.....I have moved past that point by getting all of the engine and cam gear box bolting as now one unit......Most everything is going well with the engine, and plans.....I find that when I start a section, I am not sure of how things are ment to work....As the work progresses, I then start to catch on to the designers wants and wishes for that part.......I now have the engine all bolted together an assembly, (excepting the heads and the carbs).......As you well know, there is a ton of small things before the engine is ready to run......I may set this engine up as I did the "TINY" two cycle engine, installing both glow, and an ignition system using Roy Shull's ignition module.......The engine is starting to look like a bear of an engine, and I think that it will run as well as it looks........Dale