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    Hello All FAME Members...... I thought that I would ask if any of the FAME bunch were planning to attend the show in Zanesville , Ohio ?? The set up day is Friday Oct. 23, starting at 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.....The show opens at 9:AM Saturday October 24, and runs just one day and ends at 6:00 pm......The first show was a relaxed one day, with a mix of exhibitors and venders....The "crew" at the show was very helpful to help unloading, and again helpful as we were loading to leave at the end of the day.....The show is run by Paul Debolt, and he can be found at and his phone number is (740)454-8082 ......The second show is going to grow , and should be a "nice" show.....Hope to see you at the show......Information about the show and list of hotels/motels can be seen on our events/shows tab.....Thanks...Dale
    • CommentAuthorgbritnell
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2009
    Hi Dale, my wife and I will be there. I already have reservations. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
    I will be there to. Hope to
    bring my twin.

    Hello Bob.......I did not know that you had a twin......Does he like going to the engine shows ??????? Will be looking for you at the show.....I talked to Paul Debolt, and he said that he was receiving more people and questions about the show......It look as if it will be bigger than last year......See you at the show.....Dale
    Guys: I hope to be there again this year. At least I'm planning on it. I'm bringing my usual stuff and what I have done on the Novi. It's coming along but still needs all the little things that take so much time. I hope it doesn't snow. Winter is trying to get an early start this year. Maybe we should all winter in Florida. Ron Colonna
    • CommentTimeOct 20th 2009
    Im not going to get to go this year :( It was a great show last year and I had hoped to go back this year but I just cant aford the trip so You guys that go Please take lots of pictures to post hear for the rest of us !
    • CommentAuthorkuhncw
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2009
    I'll be heading to Zanesville tomorrow as it is an all day run for me. I'm looking forward to the show and seeing everyone again.

    I enjoyed the show last year and hope it grows a bit this year.


    Chuck Kuhn
    The show was a good one. Seemed to grow in models and vendors. Met up with some of the guy's here like Uncle Dale, Bob Pickering, and some others. Great bunch of guy's with a great body of work. I will for sure see everybody in Zanesville next year if Debolt will have us.

    count me in on next year.Had a great time.
    • CommentAuthorkuhncw
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2009
    I second Steve's comments. Zanesville is a great show. It is small, friendly, and the models on display are some of the best around. This was my second year at Zanesville and I'm looking forward to the 2010 show (October 23).

    Many thanks to Paul Debolt, George, and their crew for all their hard work to make this show happen.


    Jan and I are ready to go to the next show at Zanesville.......Thanks to Paul for making us feel welcome.......Every one should give it some thought to come to next years show......We had a good time, and we are looking to be there next year........Jan and Dale Detrich
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2009
    Does anyone have photos to share? I would be happy to post them.
    Sorry but no. We took 2 cameras and forgot to take them out of the car.
    David.........I have some pictures of the show..............What size do you want sent to you ???.........Dale
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2009
    Dale sent is a group of photos from the show ->link<- . Looks like it was a good day.
    • CommentAuthorgbritnell
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2009
    Thanks Dale for the pictures. It was nice seeing everyone, you, Ron, Chuck and others. It makes a nice meeting between NAMES and Cabin Fever. It's just too bad that more people don't come to see the fine work that's on display.
    Hello George.....Yes on the "nice" show at Zanesville, Ohio.......Jan and I are ready to go next year.....I think that I have the new show "2010" information.....I will scan it and send to David soon.....I was looking for a bigger crowd, still the smaller group of people made the show seem to be more one on one......We had time to visit with and show and tell more with the people that were at the show.......Thanks to Paul and his group of people that were there to help you unload and reload the engines .....It is nice to have the help that was there for us......We had a bigger group of people at the show with their displays this year, and I hope that this number will be bigger next year...............Dale Detrich