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    I am new to the world of metal lathes. Just bought a HF 9X20 to see if this old country boy can figure out how to use it. I can see the advantage of a QCTP with what little bit I have tinkered with the lathe. Looking around, Enco, Grizzley, E-bay and such I see that there are 2 types, wedge and piston operated. Which type would be preferred. My plans for the metal lathe is to eventually get into building the model IC and steam engines. Thanks
    Robert Hicks Jacksonville, FL
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2008
    Hi Robert
    Both types of QCTP's work good, the wedge holds tighter than the piston. But unless You plan to take extreemly heavy cuts the piston type is all You really need, The 9X20 lathes I have seen in person have all been nice lathes but I doubt that they could make enogh torque to slip a piston QCTP ! I have used the piston type on a 24X60 10hp lathe makeing .300 deep cuts without them sliping!
    George Hunt
    I have used most types of tool posts and I prefer the Multifix. They have 40 positions and are very accurate. The down side is they hold their value and are hard to find used.