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    Hey Guys,
    Still looking for a Shores hercules kit. Cash is tight but I have some trading stock.
    1" diameter 6AL-4V titanuium bar stock, 2 10" pieces
    0-1" Mitutoyo digital Micrometer barely used, as new condition
    5-flute solid carbide end mills 1/16 to 1/2" diameter new USA made

    Any intrest?
    No intrest at all? Hmmmm......
    Sorry! Just not in the market for any of that stuff.
    Hey I understand, I suppose I could sell it, then buy a kit providing they are still being sold. I just thought it would be easier trading in the ME community. That and for some reason my wife thinks that any money going IN to our account, reguardless of origin, is not to be spent on such things ha ha. Well I will keep the offer out there. Thanks!

    Make like you were in highschool, save your lunch money for beer on the weekends.... but now castings.
    You could also take small repair jobs to finace castings and other equipment fo rthe shop.

    Hope you get your hands on castings

    I bought the Peewee, Hurcules, and the Silver Bullet castings last may or june so im sure they are still available.


    The Shores family still sells the castings for the 2 cylinders.