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    Hello All.....I had one of "that will never happen to me" things that did happen to me last Thursday....I was installing some video handling software, and the old P.C. went into a lockup condition... I had a page pop up and give me five different way to "fix" the problem....And after five tries to clear the problem, nothing helped.....So I called for some expert help, a tech. from Texas and Dale from Ohio went to work on the problem.....In a short time "we" got the problem solved and the P.C. up and running.....Good news and bad news.....The three and one half old P.C. was now back to day one, the same as a "new" P.C......I lost all of the history of the past years.....Pictures, plans, and all of my email addresses.....So in order to rebuild my address book, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to send me a quick email so I can put you back into my address book.....I know that this is a different item for this message board, and a special request....I know that a lots of my friends read this board, and this would be a big help in rebuilding the lost address book.......Thanks....Dale Detrich