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    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2008
    The new message board seems to be a hit.
    I think I would like the gallery menu to become the main screen. Then a left menu item for the new message board and a item for the old one which will become read only.
    Or do you prefer the message board to be part of the opening screen as it is now?
    While we are looking at all this should pictures in the gallery be a little bigger or is the size good? I have kept the size down for the dial up people but I suspect they are getting fewer.
    David........More questions..........How do we post a picture to the "new" site ??? Are the old galleries picture going to be transferred to the new ??? Will we still send the pictures to you, and then you put then in the gallery ??
    Thank you....Dale Detrich
    I most frequently go to the site for the discussions, so from that prospective the message board as main screen appeals. However; if part of the main (message board) screen indicated that new updates to the gallery have been posted that would be helpful. How about a random/rotating photo from the gallery displayed on the main (message board) screen?
    As to photo size, no problem with the way it has been done - but is it also possible to click for a higher resolution version without affecting the dial up crowd?
    Thanks for all your effort David, these are meant as no more that ideas tossed out - not intending to create even more work for you!!