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    • CommentAuthor22mikes
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2009
    i am new in the hobby and dont know much, i am a hot rod enthusiast and am very much interrested in the scale engines and joining the ic community. but i have no expirience or know how to be able to make my own small engine. is there anyone in the los angeles area that wouldnt mind helping me out? i am a general mechanic and could also barter my services for some constructive help.. thanks-mike
    Hello Mike......I am not in your area, but I could try to answer your questions that you might come up with....I am not sure that I would have all of the answers that you night want or need.....You can contact me off of the message board at ...It may be a Plus for you to ask your questions on the message board, because there is a BIG bunch of people / and skills , that would like to share their knowledge with you....I am sure that you would get answers to your questions.....Every one on this FAME bunch, has started at the same place that you are now.....I for one would be glad to help, and I would guess that the rest of the members would be glad to help you....Dale Dyetrich

    Close but not enough, in the San Francisco Bay area.
    Like Dale more than willing to exchange ideas, try to provide guidance etc.
    This forum is great for asking questions, ideas, there are very skilled people in this list and they are always willing to lend a hand to any modeler.

    Jaime Quevedo.