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    We are only a few months away and I was wondering what I will see there? I know Uncle Dale will be there with the "T2". Anybody have anything new they will be showing this year? Whats everybody working on, I want a sneak peek!!

    Hello to Steve and all.......I have been just lazily working along with the "T"-2 engine....I had a head that I thought was not quite right, so I made a new head to replace it.....Screwed around making a gas tank, and if any thing could go wrong (It did)......I have engine mounting box sanded and finished , even had all of the parts set on the box trying to figure what I wanted for a final layout.....I think that I will start mounting the engine ,tank, and accessories right after my nap (Gives me some more thinking time)......The weather is raining, freezing rain, and some slushy snow, which means it is time to go down (basement shop)and finish something that I should have finished two months ago.....And from the frozen north central Ohio I want to wish everyone a "MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND THE BEST NEW YEAR YET" to all of the FAME members....And thank you David K. for another years work, (In keeping the FAME group going strong)...Well done David...Dale Detrich
    Hey let's not rush things here. Don't forget Cabin Fever is just 4 weeks away, and I always look forward to that show as it is within easy driving distance (provided the weather cooperates). One noted engine builder I know has a very unusual new engine model ready to go for CF, and I expect it will be at NAMES also. But I won't spoil the surprise. This will be my first year displaying at CF. I finally have enough completed models to take up a little table space. My current project is not going to be completely finished. I got a late start, and underestimated the time to completion. I am not a perfectionist, just getting SLOWER.
    Hello to everyone: I just resigned on to the group. I don't visit as often as I should but I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope to be at Cabin Fever and Names as well. I received word that Sherline has named their new "Craftsman of the Year" for 2009. It's Richard Carlstedt, who has displayed some mighty nice models over the years. His "Monitor" engine is a beautiful piece that is accurate in detail and an extremely smooth running engine. Visit the Sherline Museum online for a look. I too want to thank David for continuing his efforts on keeping the FAME group together. He doesn't get enough credit for a job well done. Best of luck to everyone. Ron Colonna
    Hello.....Jaime Quevedo..........I have been trying to email you, and everything that I send to you comes back as the wrong address.......Please send me your email address.....Thank you .....Dale