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    Does anyone know the name and contact info for the gentleman who had the dual overhead cam v8 powered sprintcar at the 2007 names show. I would like to know if he will be at this years show. I've scratch built a 1/4 scale replica of steve kinsers outlaw car using a conley v8 that I would like to bring to the show.
    Even if the sprint car guy does not show up, bring the conley anyway.
    Hello Steve B. and Steve H. ......I remembered the car from last year at NAMES.....I also remembered taking some pictures of the car, so I found the pictures from last year.......I found the car picture and on the bench was a picture of his card along side of the car.....From what I can see on the card the fellows mane is James Riggle and he is from Bismarck Nd.........I tried to Google his name, but not get any information ......Steve B......As Steve H. said make sure that you bring the car along to the show, I am sure that there will be many people that will enjoy seeing your car.....See you at the NAMES
    Thanks for responding. I have a heavy work schedule but I'll be there at least 1day. Maybe I can find someone to share some space. I would be happy to share any expenses.
    Hello Steve......Come and share our spot........We will be located at the back left-center of the room......You can locate us by us having two gatling guns and a group of 10 - 11 engines.....We will find a spot for your car, and you......Jan and Dale Detrich......

    I'm loctated in Norway so the show is out of my reach.... I would love to see pictures of your build, sounds very interesting project. Did you see the Offy Engine/car in MEB a few issues back.... very nice.


    PS Dale, nice of you to offer Steve a spot, guys like you make this hobby more possible every chance you get.
    Hello Jan......Both my wife (Jan ) and I enjoy meeting people with like minded hobbies.....We have a good time at the shows, and enjoy the people.....Right nephew Steve H. ?? The NAMES is one of the better shows around and every one should go to at least one show.....I still believe that the people at the shows are 1/2 machinist and 1/2 artist.....Dale
    Right Uncle Dale!

    I had Uncle Dale to my left and Ron Colanna to my right. Dale blowing smoke and oil, Ron blowing smoke and oil!
    It was as close to heaven as you can get without dying.
    I smelled like camping fuel for 2 days!!! It was awesome!!

    Steve Huck
    • CommentAuthorjay rich
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2009
    lol must of been fun steve....jay
    Guys: Jim Riggle was the guy with the sprint car with the dual overhead cam engine in it. Jim passed away this past year and we lost another outstanding model engineer. Hope to see you all at NAMES. Try to make it this year. Time is passing us all by and you never know when your opportunity might be the last. Best of luck and health. Ron Colonna
    Do any of you go to Coolspring Pa? It's coming up in June.I'm new to the hobby but plan on going there as it's close to my home. I'd love to go to NAMES but have a very limited income since breaking my back and can't afford to travel much.Maybe in 10 yrs when my daughters grown I can save some cash to go. Take care everyone,and take lots of pics to post for us to see.
    Mike Moslak
    Hello Michael.....Do you have any more information about the Coolspring Pa. show......Where is Coolsprings located ???...Dale
    Sorry about the long delay between posts. I'm working 7days-11hrs a day behind a computer. To Jan & Dale, Thank you so much for offering a spot. I'm only going to be able to attend on saturday. The car is 95% done but not running yet. The headers I got with the engine don't have enough offset and they are right up against the body. I am making new ones but they won't be ready for the show. I would still like to share the building experence with you guy's.
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2009
    I hope all of you who attend will take some photos and share them with those of us who cant go this year.