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    Today I checked in as I do every day to find nothing has changed. It got me to thinking that David may or may not do the same thing. I have read a few pleas to David to save FAME and if he does check in he probably sees that there is nothing to save. I can remember some of the last activity in Davids single cylinder thread, a spirited debate about cam timing and lobe profiles. I remember reading Davids posts and you could hear the enthusiasm in his words and others. Everybody chiming in with there idea of what would be the perfect cam profile for his engine. Somewhere along the line we have all given up and stopped posting. As I look back i feel 99% of the blame is ours and 99% of the effort of getting FAME back to what it was is also ours. The only way to get this ship running again is to get some life in it and post. We are to blame.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, BUT there is also another side to things.

    Just as an example, I think my post about building a Minimag magneto was one of the last ones on here, and unlike other forums, where you can easily post pictures and text in an easy format, it took me hours to collate what I wanted to show, and after submission, it didn't come out as I expected, with text not in the correct place, so disjointing the whole article.

    I am just about to restart my workshop up after a 2 year layoff due to personal problems, and I will be having many projects forthcoming from it. The main problem will be how to show what I am up to on say a daily basis, as they do on other sites.

    I know next to nothing about website design, but if this one could be made more user friendly, then I personally think people will start to post again.

    Bogs, I agree with you that the pictures should be able to be part of the post. I have mentioned it a few times. I think it would make the posts more interesting but more importantly it would take a work load off David so he can get back to enjoying the forum and some of his projects. I don't know if it's possible to allow the pictures to be linked into a post.
    • CommentAuthorcadillac2
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2014
    Several times I assisted David with getting the pictures and the details into the site, if you recall... At that time he told me that it was too much of a burden, so I did my best to assist him.. That worked for only a short while and then everything sort of ended.. I Emailed him more times than I can recall but only once did he tell me about some other venture and moving across the country, and that he'd be back.. Well that's been like a year ago.!

    I have also posted his other Email address and asked for the members to write him and to express how they feel about the way he has abandoned FAME. What his motives are is anyone's guess. No doubt this is and was his "baby", and as he has no further desire to run the ship, he'd rather have it just sink the hand the reins over to someone else...

    Most of us are modelers and not web-masters.. I would gladly take over the site if I knew anything at all about running a site. I wonder if the (remaining), members would Email him, if that would help..? Here again is the last address I used; Without him coming back to the site or turning over the reins to someone else, you know the site will just roll over and continue to die...!

    Talk to you friends, there must be someone out there that you might know that could take it over... We need a computer "geek".. Just ask around....

    Dario B.