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    • CommentAuthorbmark
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Hi, I thought that this is a good place to ask if any-one out there could suggest where one could find a set of drawings for the engine in question. The engine will be used to fly a scale model plane.... so it would have to be reasonably reliable. Also the engine should be glow (glow plugs) . Thanks in advance,
    Strictly I. C. back issues

    THE HEINEN FIVE, by Jurgen Heinen.
    A ¼-Scale, Five-Cylinder, Glow Plug Ignition Radial Engine.

    THE 1/6th -Scale KINNER, by David Johnson.
    5-Cylinder Radial with Glow Ignition.

    KINNER K-5, designed by Merritt Zimmerman - Built by Pieter Dekker.
    A ¼-Scale 5-Cylinder Radial, Spark Ignition Engine

    R_and_R_engines yahoo group has the drawings for the Edwards 5. I think it's also glow
    Hello bmark,

    Out of the ones Steve mentioned, the Heinen was spesifically desiged to be a flier.