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    Hello engine builders. I am looking for a source for clear tubing sizes 1/16 X 1/8 and 5/32 X 1/4. It's easy enough to find but most suppliers want you to buy a 25 or 50 foot cut. I only need a foot for the project and the supplier will go into the drawings as a source. Know of anyone who sells by the foot of maybe 5 foot cuts.

    Also need miniature rivets 1/8 long with a .047 shank. Head size and shape is not important but round head would be good. .032 is all i could find but I have to drill stainless so the larger rivet would be great. trying to drill 16 holes .035 diameter in stainless would not end well.

    have you tried a small engine repair shop? Some clear hoses are used for fuel lines on small engines like chain saws and weed whackers.
    I'm looking for an online source as I'm going to include the source in a set of plans for a V4 engine. The builder could be reading the drawings in any part of the country and the world for that matter so I try to stick to sources that have an online catalog.

    Thanks for the reply!

    • CommentAuthorcadillac2
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2014
    Hi Steve
    I have a bunch of .060" x .250" aluminum rivets if they would be of help.....

    Dario B.
    Thanks Dario for the offer but the goal is to find a source to be specified in a set of plans for a V4 engine. I did find a source and ordered .047 X .156. After a bunch of searching I think 25 foot lengths is about minimum unless your local hardware has it.

    Thanks for the help!