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    • CommentAuthorgerardo
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2009
    Dear colleagues, I recently posted a video in YouTube about machining the radial 9, you can find it searching "machining radial 9", or "radial 9" in that site. I have not been able to start it yet, but I hope I will, I would appreciate a lot if you can post a comment in YouTube or in this forum. Thanks

    Excellent job, I'm in the middle of too many projects, but this Radial 9 is the key one, just started making some of the pieces, rear bearing, front bearing, front cover etc.just started cleaning material for oil pump to match it to rear bearing etc.

    Hope to complete the Mastiff and Wallaby as I move along the Radial which is my main project.

    Excellent job, maybe we can exchange ideas on how you made the cams, master rod etc.

    Best regards.

    That is a cracking video, thanks for sharing. Looks like you have really stocked up on the goodies in the shop..... industrial size stuff. Any of them CNC... kind of looks like it.... either that or you are one smooooooth machinist :) Your vidoe make it look easy..... there is a huge effort and time behind all that work.
    Could you tell us more about the Radial 9, I am not familiar with this engine.
    Great job !

    • CommentAuthorgerardo
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2009
    Thanks for that, Jaime and Jan, for me it has been a great challenge to machine this, since I´m a novice machinist, (I´m a doctor) and beginning with the reading of the plans (excellent plans, as you may have noted), well, after a lot, and I mean A LOT of help from Lee Hodgson, by e-mail, and personally with him at NAMES, and also with the help of Roy Sholl, I completed this extraordinary project, nothing is CNC, and after reading your comments, I´m very very honored to be qualify as a good machinist, I owe you a beer, and be glad to share my modest experience with the engine. The original video is like 13 minutes long, if some of you are interested, I can send you a DVD, just write your address and I will do it. Thanks again

    The machining, end product and some of the setups you came with are very good for been the first engine, I'm a self trained machinist, though with a mechanical engineering background, after doing significant work in real size engines, building race engines, two stroke and four stroke, decided to move to model engineering, been building engines for about 5 years, most of them Westbury designs and this is my first radial project, I would love to receive a copy of the video, will provide me with tons of ideas on how you tackled some of the areas where I'm hesitant.

    Hope you get the engine running soon.

    best regards.

    Jaime Quevedo.
    165 old Ranch Rd
    Woodside CA 94062.
    650-851-2142 Home..
    • CommentAuthorgerardo
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2009

    The DVD is on its way to California

    Thanks so much, If I recall you live in Monterrey, If I'm right, I owe you some cabrito dinner with a couple of Indio beers.

    Un grande abrazo.

    • CommentAuthorgerardo
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2009
    Got it!
    • CommentAuthorR755
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2009
    Gerardo, Did you lap the bores or hone them only. I noticed from the video that you kindly sent me that you appear only to hone them. Did the honing get you to the finished bore size of 1.00 quickly and satisfactorily or did it take some time to do. I have just finished machining 18 of them for the 18 cylinder radial project and have'nt decided best how to takle the finishing of the bores. Any advice from yourself on any member would be most welcome. Also does anyone know where I can get information as to making up some laps that would be suitable for this project?
    My kind regards
    Hello Dr. Gerardo.
    I saw your video and it is very suggestive for me because I'm now making same engine.

    I'm a doctor too, plastic surgeon.

    To make engine is fantastic.