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    • CommentAuthorcadillac2
    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2013
    Hey troops, don't give up the ship...! Yesterday I received an email reply from David. No, he didn't fall of the edge of the earth.. Rather he moved closer to it, like "Damascus, Oregon".... He is willing to allow me to be able to post your engines, etc., until he is really settled in to his new venture... I do hope that not everyone has given up on F.A.M.E...? I will keep you informed as to my progress... HANG IN..!

    Dario Brisighella
    Keep us posted.
    I for one haven't given up on FAME, I visit every day to see if there is any more progress.

    I for one would love to be able to just post on here, but it is so difficult, I have only ever managed a couple and they didn't turn out as they should have done, wrong page lengths mismatching to the pictures being one of them.

    David does his best to sort things out, but during the translation, correct meanings get lost.

    I do hope something does get sorted, as I am about to start a load of new tooling projects that really do deserve to be shared amongst a group of willing enthusiasts.

    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2013
    It has been a while since I have spent much time working on the web pages here. Dario keeps on me to do something but what?
    I am in the process of slowly moving from Florida to Oregon. In Oregon I have shop space but tools are half here and half there. I will update my shop photos.
    Yesterday I was looking at the .700 vertical parts I was working on a while back and want to finish it. I am getting ready to display my other engines in my office and starting to think about building again.
    So I am open to some recommendations about how to keep the site alive.
    I need to figure out what ever went wrong with my FAME e-mail. If I can start getting a few inquiries’ a day I should be able keep up. Over Thanksgiving I will look and see what all is backed up some place.
    I can change the site to have a better message board where you could post projects yourself. My concern is that leads to a typical page of lower quality information.
    If people start their own pages in word or as a HTML e-mail following the basic format they will be easy for me to post. We have virtually no size limit so you can add as many photos or as long of a story as you want. Videos are only a problem because they don’t e-mail well but we can do it.
    One other thing to think about is the web sites name. Bob Shores want a Florida engine club and that was part of the beginning of the web site. Since the first month most members were from someplace else. When I abandon Florida do we need a better name?
    Hello David!

    I think the advantage of other forum type sites is that the member can post for him or her self there progress. I'm sure it would be easier on you also and free alot of time so you can get back on the single.

    Alot has happened while you were distracted. Many new projects.

    Great to see you back.