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    • CommentAuthormrehmus
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2012
    We've sent an e-mail explaining the following information to those subscribers who've provided a valid e-mail address:

    Basically, to keep the magazine going, rather than shut it down, we've switched to an all-digital format and lowered the price to $24 no matter where in the world you reside.

    Current subscribers will have their remaining issues doubled.

    We'll send an e-mail out telling subscribers when they can download the PDF files and giving them their subscriber number which they will need to use as a password to gain access.

    Page sizes will be such that they can be printed on letter-sized paper in any country. This includes the drawings. However, some have asked that we keep them in the B or A3 size and we'll try that too and see how it goes.

    An advantage of this change will be that we can include more pictures, some videos and 3D PDF files. Hopefully a richer experience for all.

    We will depend on our subscribers not to copy the files or printed pages and give them out. Same with giving download info to others. Hopefully the honor system will play out OK and we won't find copies of the magaziine on-line or being passed around.

    We are not happy about having to do this but costs have skyrocketed, subscribers have not renewed due to uncertain financial futures and we've spent all our money to keep it alive to this point. The response to this change has ranged from a reluctant OK to enthusiastic acceptance but as we hoped, readers want content, regardless of the media in which it is delivered. We hope everyone with an Internet connection will stay with us.

    We are putting a new Web site into place in a week or so and can then start delivering files for issue # 28. Rather than wait untiil the entire magazine is completed, I'll release files as each article is finished.

    Please direct any questions to or call us toll-free in the U.S. and Canada at 866 996-8999 or 707 643-1970 elsewhere.

    Mike Rehmus