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    I want to make a ring compressor to aid in the installation of the 1.000" pistons and rings in the cylinders of the Howell V2 that I am building. Does anyone have ideas on what would work best?
    Mr. Hatch
    I have found that if you put a small bevel on the cylinder inlet, your fingers will adequately compress the ring for entry. If not, a look at ring tension may be in order. Enjoy.
    there is one design I have used, no drawings though, make a small cylinder, with a progressive taper, then insert the piston with rings and slowly push the piston down into engine, made it many years ago, never use it any more, prefer to put a bevel in the cylinder liners and use my nails or fingers to compress the ring, works great.
    I made very effective ring compressor in a few minutes buy boring a 1 1/8 " length of 12L14 to the piston diameter and cutting a 0.050" longitudinal slot. I can open the bore with a small screw driver, slip it over the pistons and rings and then remove the screw driver. It compresses the rings and allows the piston to enter the bore easily.