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    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2012
    Dario Brisighella Sr. has offered to help get things posted on the fame site posted quicker.
    If you want to post a new engine or a "how to" article please write to Dario at Send your photos and text just as has been done in the past.
    Initially he will format it and prepare it for gallery posting and forward it to me and I will get it posted.
    There is tremendous amount information and so many wonderful engines on the site I hope interested builders will continue to share these work. For this site to work people need to share their work and share their questions. Everyone started as a beginner not understanding the unique issues model engines have. Ask a question get help from the experienced engine builders that is what makes the message board alive and interesting.
    At present my time is too limited for building engines, I still am sharing plans, but I will get back to shop work someday.
    David Kerzel
    Hello David,

    I sent in a photo of my completed engine a couple of weeks ago.
    I sent it to your email address I have used in the past.
    Should I resend it to the address above for the attention of Dario.

    • CommentAuthorcadillac2
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2012
    Tony R.

    Please forward your pictures to me and I will prep them for entry at the site...

    Dario B.