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    • CommentAuthorlouosten
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2012
    Greetings Members;
    I just joined your group after referral from one of your members. I am involved with a museum project to create a working steam model of a marine steam engine that powered the Federal Transport Oriental during the Civil War. I need to network with those individuals knowledgeable about the valve gear, air pump, and associated auxiliaries that were normally built with this type engine, which has been called a 'vertical inverted, direct drive, screw propeller engine'. Most steam engines I have seen, while magnificently built with great care, do not have all the associated mechanical parts that make up the complete unit. Those wishing to weigh in on this request are welcome to respond, thanks.
    Lou Ostendorff
    Oriental's History Museum
    I'm not very good with the steam engines but this project sounds interesting. Is there a source on the web to look at some photos of the full size engine and ship?
    Hello Lou,

    I am a frequent visitor to Hudson Florida (A snowbird) and keep a small lathe and hand tools in my holiday home. I would be pleased to do any research here in UK that may help you in your quest. I am not familiar with the engine you mention, but have a lot of experience constructing stationary steam engines.

    Take care