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    Hello All,
    Do to outside circumstances, I am having to part with my sherline machine shop. It is complete with 2 mills, one 8 direction with DRO, one long travel with Zero handwheels. One shortbed lathe with thread cutting attachment, A2Z QC toolpost and DRO. And the best part, a 3 drawer toolbox full of almost every accesory made, and I mean everything. WW collet sets, rotary table, hold down kits, rotary indexers, mill vises, compound slides, multiple lathe chucks, drilling chucks. Angle plates, collet holders, sensitive drilling attachment, endmill holders, all the adjustable tailstock parts, riser blocks, etc. This was setup for making very small engines, and so every accesory was geared towards that. The machines are mounted on seperrate billet aluminum plates with rubber feet. I stopped adding up the cost at $5900 ( my wife would have killed me ). Hoping to get around $4k for the lot. Please contact me if you are seriously interested and I will send you a parts list and pictures. Dont worry I am not getting out of model engines, just need to streamline the shop and put the money towards the little ones. SO if you know anyone who wants to get into this great hobby, this is a complete turn key setup for them. I would rather see the shop stay together as I spent a lot of time putting all the right parts together.
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2011
    The new message board does not share you e-mail unless you add it to the message.
    Is this to go as a lot or would you consider bits and pieces?
    If you want a place to post pictures or a list I can help David (my fame e-mail seems to loose mail)