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    Where can I find 1/16" thick Teflon for head gaskets. The sources I have found so far just sell large sheets for large prices.
    McMaster Carr

    .002 - ???? I personally use .010 for all my gaskets except heads where I use .020 or .030.
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2011
    Try McMaster-Car, lots of thicknesses in 12X12 inch sheets.
    I agree with Steve about thin being better. Teflon needs to be out of the combustion area because it gives of toxic gas if burnt,
    Just for anyone in the UK who has trouble sourcing this material, I got mine from Small Parts.

    What they don't have isn't worth having.


    But make sure you get the shipping sorted before buying, last time I used them they sent it by the most expensive method possible.

    McMaster Carr ships for actual shipping cost. After ordering they find the cheapest shipping then send an invoice. I have never been charged an unreasonable amount for shipping.