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    • CommentAuthorernie7
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2011
    I'm close to finishing my V4 and need a little help with the the path of the water coolant. From the radiator (inlet/outlet), water pump (inlet/outlet) and through the engine (3 inlet/outlet points).

    It has taken me six months to get to the point where I am starting to put it together. The block was and still is a real challenge. It alone took three months at about 2-3 hours a day. I made (or at least started) three and then it's still not perfect. The internal cylinder grooves for the O ring water seals may be too deep and may not seal.

    I made a few parts over but that's just part of the hobby.

    Jerry Howell's plans are a real tribute to his master craftsmanship. I've been building engines for 15 years and his drawings are among the best. I can't begin to wonder how much time he put into the engineering of the V4, I'm guessing several years.
    Sorry nobody can help. I have the drawings but have not studied them. The crew at the craftsmanship museum built the engine. Drop them a note and see if they can help.
    • CommentAuthorernie7
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2011
    Thanks Steve. I emailed Tom Boyer and he gave me the answer.
    Hello Ernie.....How is the V4 build going ??.......I was following this engine as Jerry was building it.....It is a "neat" (1960's) term engine......Are you going to post any pictures of your build??......Dale