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    I am just coming to the stage where I hope to breathe a little life into a set of castings I purchased last year from Polly Models, UK.

    Once I get it fully completed (bling et al), I will attempt to get a few pictures of the build sequence shown on here, as I know a few of the members have built flame lickers before.

    This is where I am up to on the MadModders posting.

    I'm sorry I have to send members to other sites, but this has been on the workbench for a while now, well before I joined up again.


    It's first few heartbeats, but a long way from being completed

    • CommentAuthorjay rich
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2011
    sounds good
    Many thanks gentlemen for the nice comments.

    When making an engine, either to my own design, or like this one, from commercial castings, I always, when it is ready, try to get it running, even though only basically.

    By doing it that way, I know that I can then go onto the next step, making it look pretty, in the knowledge that when completed, I won't be doing any damage to the work I have done in an attempt to get it running. All it should require is a bit of fine tuning.

    The work now really starts, I find that getting it to look right takes much longer than getting it to the running stage.