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    I am having trouble finding the springs that the print calls out.
    Both .400 OD x 1.05 long (1) .029 wire 6 turns and (1) .019 wire 7 turns.
    Can anyone help.
    Thanks, Kevin
    Some options are:
    WM Berg mechanical components - on line
    Lee springs, do a search - small does carry them
    If those fail, check Model Engine Builder Magazine and give it a go at making your own, not as hard as it looks..
    You can buy the spring wire at small parts too.


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    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2011
    Often the exact spring cannot be found. I often pick a few standard springs one a little heavier and one a little lighter. I always start with the lighter spring and wish I had only purchased it. Chances are the spring on the plans was not engineered.
    There was a lot of discussions about spring making in the Old Message Board 002 and 2003 and on the web.
    Thanks for the response guys, I have been doing some research and will probably try to make my own.

    Thanks, Kevin
    I made a few springs today, after adjusting my mandrel size a couple of times the springs look good.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2011
    how about some photos to show others how you made them?