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    • CommentAuthorWilliam R.
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010
    The Members Of Fame.
    I am a New comer to the maniture machine work hobby. I have purchased a used "model 9A Southbend lathe", that I think is in reasonably decent condition. I have purchased seperatly, a four-jaw chuck,some collets,an Omni-Post tool holder,some cutting tools,and a steady rest.
    I`m now considering the purchase of a suitable table-top mill-drill, to help with the work that can be done with the lathe. I would prefer an "American or Canadian" made machine if possible. I have been looking at the "Grizzly" table-top machines for approximately $950.00 and $975.00 dollars. The "Micro-Mark" unit looks good at much less money, My concern is, how accurate are they ?? A local out-let does have a table-top Mill-drill available, how-ever, I`m concerned about the availability of "repairs and accessories", If I need them.
    The web sight of "" also shows a very nice Mill-drill, however, it appears "very expensive" for what a person may be getting.
    Small quantities of round stock in aluminum, iron and brass are also very hard to obtain here. Recomended suppliers would be appreciated.
    William R.
    I had a G1006 2 HP Mill/Drill type mill. It is heavy as h@!! and worked great. for the extra 200 bucks it is worth it. If you have room and a good back to move it, I would get this type. You can take heavy cuts like a real mill.
    • CommentAuthorjay rich
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2010
    did you see the new mini mill on littlemachince shop .com for 650 not bad and it has a biggger table and brushless 500 watt motor
    Try to buy something heavy with a square column.
    I bought a Prazi, great machine, small, precise well built, but the major issue is the column to raise and lower the cutting head is round. this provides with a decent amount of vibration in heavy cuts and some rotation while cutting.
    If you are careful, you can compensate for the head rotation but this will make operations a bit longer since you have to take lighter cuts.
    Finally decided to buy a Bridgeport, what a difference, I like the heavy and sturdy machine, tools and parts are readily available..

    So if you have the space and money, I would say take the plunge and buy a Bridgeport or similar machine..
    • CommentAuthordavid
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2010
    My first machine was a Grizzly 3 in 1 and the mill drill head is on a round post. If I take moderate cuts the head often rotates a few degrees so I must plan my cuts so that rotation moves the cutter away from what I want to keep and so the cutter does not get driven in to part (final cuts only).