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    Does any body have any information on the 1/6 Scale Cirrus engine. Are there castings or plans any were around ?


    Plans from back issues of Strictly IC;
    From their website the following...
    1/6 SCALE DE HAVILLAND CIRRUS MK1, by Eric Whittle.
    A 4 - Cylinder, In-Line, Glow Engine.
    Issues: # 49, 50, 51 & 52.....$8.00ea.....TOTAL: $32.00
    Ron Colonna's build of the 1/6th scale;

    DE HAVILLAND CIRRUS MK.1, by Merritt Zimmerman - Built by Ron Colonna.
    A ¼-Scale Spark Ignition, 4-Cylinder, In-Line (1930’s English Aero Engine.)
    Issue: # 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 & 36.....$8.00ea.....TOTAL: $56.00
    Ron Colonna's build of the 1/4 scale;

    Fabrication record by PAZ of Japan;

    Hope this helps,
    • CommentAuthorrick d
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008

    Now that is what is nice about this site. One member helping another. Your info was outstanding. And good luck Bob. This is a nice motor and should be fun to build. Rick D.
    Will looks like I found the plans they are in SIC I have them ordered they should me hear soon I got a hold of the fellow how handled the castings bad news there he doesn't have any he is trying to get some one to cast them for him. Getting closer .
    Robert, If castings become available let me know. I am sure several people are interrested in casings... maybe we should pre-order so the fellow with castings is inspired to find someone to cast for him.

    There is always the possibility of machining it from bar-stock but that is alot of chipping!
    Paz of Japan did it with his 1/4 cirrus.... see ink above.

    This was the contact information that i got he is trying to get the 1/4 scale casting but he can't get any one for the 1/6 scale
    Chester Du Biel was a long-standing friend of Merritt Zimmerman's until Merritt past away. But Chester was going to carry in offering Merritt's castings.

    You can reach Chester by phone using: 1-440-842-1073. Or, you can write him using: 7010 Arcadia Drive, Parma, Ohio (O)44129.
    • CommentAuthorDerek
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2009
    Hallo gentlemen,
    I read your discussion on the Cirrus engine and I have a set of castings for the 1/4-scale version. I had to have them after I heard this engine running on a model engine builders meeting. In the meantime my interest has changed a little bit and I would give it away if there is interest. My preference would be to swap this castings for castings of another engine, like the challenger, or 4 cylinder Wall or a Holt-caterpillar.
    I might have to send some additional money with the castings, but this we can discuss. Let me know if someone is interested and what you might have to trade?
    The Cirrus casting kit includes the upper and lower engine block (oil pan), an internal oil tray, 4 pistons, the crank bearing shields forward and aft and the cover for the cam shaft drive. I can provide pictures of each part so that you will know exactly what you will get.

    Mr Derek i would be instrested in thoughs castings but i don't have any casting that you are looking for is there any other way to get this done?
    Always looking for different engines. I'm Interested in the Cirrus castings, can offer to trade:

    Mastiff complete set, including plans, gears, construction notes.
    Partially machined main block and cleaned up heads. ( have two sets. one is almost finished, can provide pictures if interested).

    Challenger, castings, can include ( at extra cost) precision made Crankshaft, camshaft.
    Let me know if interested, then we can work out some numbers..

    Best regards.
    • CommentAuthorDerek
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    Hallo Gentlemen,
    I see that their might be a bigger interest in the castings for the Cirrus. Unfortunatelly I only have one set of them. But fortunatelly these castings are of a good quality. Since my last post I contacted a friend in Italy to ask for replicating this set. It came out that this should not be a bigger problem due to their clean shape. We would not do the pistons as they can be more easily be made from the solid. Of course the shrinking during the casting process will be respected to ensure the exact size.
    These reproductions I could offer to the members of FAME at an attractive price.

    So far so good. Before I would start this project I have to hear your opinions.
    I do very much respect the effort and the genius of the person who designed this engine!
    Is it immorally to copy these castings to be able to built this engine again?
    Please let me know your thoughts about this important topic.

    Mr Derek i would be instrested in thoughs castings . The engine can be made with out them but this would sure help.
    Interest is, lack of castings has put the project aside, concern is newer castings and quality and machinability of those, currently having disappointing results with two sets of castings from the UK for Westbury designs.

    But will be willing to go for a set of castings.

    I am very interested, put me on the list!

    Jan Trollerud

    I did not answer your qestion i full..... the morality part..... I don't think there is a morality problem here..... espesially since there are little or no castings available for this engine and also if the genius behind it has pasted away or retired from the MICE hobby. I am sure making his work available again would be very pleasing to him. Just my point of view.
    My main interest is the 1/6.... but the 1/4 scale is also of interest.

    • CommentAuthorDerek
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2009
    Hallo Jan,
    thank you for your interest and also for your statement to my question.
    I will add one more set of castings to the list. It will take some weeks until I will have them in hand.

    • CommentAuthorjay rich
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2009
    hi derek i have a ? how much for the castings and do prints come with it ....jay

    I was woundering if the castings were for the 1/6th or the 1/4" scale?

    Jay.... the plans are in Strictly IC mag.... and back order issues are available....... I have all 84 issues and in my point of view they are a must for all MICE builders.

    • CommentAuthorDerek
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    The engine is the 1/4" version, not a toy, more a real engine, able to spin a 20" prop!
    I do not offer the drawings as they are available from Strictly IC on back order.
    I have no idea of the price. This depends from the effort to be done for the casting models and the castings itself. When I have them available I know more.