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    • CommentAuthormecanito
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    Hello alls. I have in mind to design an model engine . At the moment I need to Know the interference fit of valve guides on head. In the worse case , Could be loctited it?.

    Regards and Thanks for all.

    Antonio from Spain.
    • CommentAuthorgbritnell
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2010
    Hi Antonio
    There are several things we need to know. What diameter are you using and what type of materials? Generally no more than .002 with a drop of loctite is more than adequate. If you make the press fit too tight then diameter for your valve will shrink and you'll have to re ream it.
    As George says, Loctite does a great job of holding them in place, the amount of interference is calculated based in diameter of both matching elements, head and guide. If you use Press fit, you can avoid loctite, a slip fit will need some Loctite.
    Also is head aluminum, what is the material for guides/cages, Bronze/Steel/Aluminum, these combinations also affect how materials expand and contract.
    Most builders seem to favor alumimium head with Phosphorous Bronze guides, I have found this very reliable.