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    • CommentAuthordonald
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2010
    Hi Little Angel builders I need help.
    On drawing sheet 3 dated 1/1/93 on frame side view the distance from crank shaft centre to cylinder top is 1.627+1.442=3.069
    On sheet 5 dated 1/1/93 con rod centre to centre is 2.546 and wrist pin centre to piston top is.281 add the crank through .25=3.077
    This takes the piston out of cylinder.
    Can anyone tell me what the distance from piston top to cylinder head should be given that the cylinder head is recessed .067 into the cylinder?
    I am nearing the stage of trial and at this point I have altered the con rod so that at bottom of stroke the piston is at bottom of cylinder.
    I have checked and re checked my figures.
    Hope to hear from someone soon.
    Donald South West Scotland.