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    I am having an unusual problem with my Silver Bullet. It will run on one cyl. but not on both. If I take plug out of no.2 no. 1 will run ok. Put plug back in and out of no.1 it will run on no.2 ok. With both plugs in one cyl fires and one is intermittent. It sort of seems like the fuel is being "hogged" by no. 1 cyl. when both plugs are in?? Anyone have any ideas?
    Got the Silver Bullet running OK now! Found that the ignition timing was not 'advanced' enough. Thanks to everyone for your comments.
    Im a bit stumped. The fuel should not be "hogged" if the engine fires every 360 degrees. If it were me I would start at the beginning and check my cam timing and ignition timing. Make sure all gaskets like heads and intake are sealing.

    Do you have any video of the engine trying to run? Might help to see and hear what is going on.
    • CommentAuthorkamran
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2010
    I'm guessing here. Since the crank is 360, when one cylinder is at power cycle, the other is at intake cycle. So if your intake valves are leaking, then is it possible that fuel is getting sucked in during power cycle and other cylinder is not getting enough fuel during intake?
    Craig......With one plug out the other cylinder will fire, and then the reverse is true also....May I ask what are you doing with the removed plug ??....Are you grounding the removed plug shell, or you letting the plug ungrounded ??.....If you are letting the removed plug "ungrounded" or floating, please ground the removed plug shell, and see what the engine will do......I am trying to see if you might have an ignition problem, still if the engine will only run with one plug, and the other plug ungrounded, then the ignition may be giving you the problem.......Dale
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010
    Try turning your mixture screw out 1/2 turn or so. I have seen the same problem on an opposed twin briggs engine, it was to lean and would run on either cylinder but not both.
    Craig.....Did you get things smoothed out ??.................Dale