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    I need to run a completed engine for break -in, very hard to start on gasoline. Would camp stove fuel be a better choice?
    • CommentAuthorgbritnell
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2010
    I have found that if it won't run on gasoline then it won't run on camp stove fuel. The camp stove fuel is a much lower octane than even regular gasoline so therefore it's not as efficient. The numbers I've read are somewhere around 55 octane. There are quite a few fellows who use Coleman fuel but mostly for the reason that it doesn't smell like gasoline.
    In two engines that I had a very hard to run situation, I tried glow fuel, it makes a real mess, and presents several problems.
    If the engine is a single cylinder, you can use two batteries in parallel to light the plug, however if it is multiple cylinder ( 4 in my two cases), it is quite hard to keep the plugs nicely lit, I use a PC power supply and connect them in series, it keeps up to 9 plugs burning bright.
    If the engine has low compression it will be quite hard to run and you will need to crank the engine with something powerful like a hand drill.
    Gas, it will take about twice the volume than regular gas.
    After all the negatives, it allows you to break in the engine and flush out the gremlins in the ignition at a later stage.
    Just remember to rinse clean the engine after running, specially if the fuel has any castor oil, it gums up and there is no easy way to get rid of it later.
    • CommentAuthorjay rich
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2010
    or if you want try butane or propane mapp gass runs clean and works good for break in ....jay
    Hello All......A short run down of fuels that I have used, changed to and a now using....I started out with pump gas.......runs OK , most of the engines seemed to like the gas.....Stinks "bad"......Second fuel was the Wal-Mart camping fuel....engines seemed to like the camping (low octane) fuel, smelled much better than the pump gas.....Next problem was that Wal-Mart stopped selling the fuel....."LOW OCTANE" thoughts ....Some builders are thinking that the low octane of the camping fuel does not stop or supress the engine "PING" , that in turn produces more power, and gives the small engines "more" power .....What do you think ???????......My next fuel pick was the coleman camping fuel......The engine seemed to run fair , and the camping fuel seemed to have some ( junk or bits of filter material) in the fuel ......The next fuel that I tried was avgas....Real airplane gas.......Most of the engines ran OK, some not as good as the Wal - Mart camping fuel......The avgas seemed to condense water in the engine.....The exhaust was a percent of water ?????......I am sure that the air conditions at the show added to the water problem.....At the present time, I am running the CAM racing fuel....It is sold by one of the larger gas stations ????, I can not think of the station name right now......The engines all seem to run well, and I think that I will be running this fuel for now......As the last thing for now, Who has "not" tried to run the Coleman fuel and WD40 ??????... For me it seemed to run OK, but left a sticky feeling to the engines.......I have used model airplane fuel on some engines start up, which seems to give good power, to get the engine started and smoothed out and then switch back to your regular fuel......Thanks.....Dale

    Like you, have tried several options, and this is my personal feel for both air cooled and water cooled engines.
    Like you, when having trouble breaking in an engine, I use Glow fuel, it is messy, but keeps the engine cooler since you are adding almost double the amount of fuel.
    Just clean the engine inside by running it with regular fuel before storing or leaving it for a long time Glow fuel can be very sticky and gum the engine insides.

    Someone recommended gas/camp gas / WD40 mix, engines ran poorly I guess too much oil fouling the plugs and messy in the exhaust.

    Tried the camping fuel, Coleman is more oily and maybe lower octane than Crown, I bought the last couple of cans at REI and it runs better, smells OK.

    Tried Propane, making special carburetors, pressure regulator etc, engines run nice, very little fouling of plugs, negative:
    need to add oiling /lubricator to engine, propane seems to dry out the top end of the engine and it smells bad, though I know some people who prefer the propane smell to the gas smell.

    My best combination so far is:

    Pump gas 87 octane with a small amount of oil, like automatic transmission oil or Marvel oil. This mix works great in most engines, mid compression engines seem to run cleaner and a bit hotter, keeping the plugs cleaner.

    Pump Gas 104 - 114 octane, yes the pump is at Sear Racepoint race track, you have to go there to get the high octane gas, 104 unleaded, 114 is leaded so if anyone has aversions to it avoid it. Mix a small amount of oil ( less than 1 oz per gallon) and engines run quite nice and clean smells different but not worst than regular gas.

    Motorcycle racing fuel Ultimate 4, this is an oxigenated gasoline, produces so much power it is amazing, runs beautiful, engines love it but is stinks for months after you used it, even an empty tank will keep it's bouquet for about a year.

    Have not tried aviation gas.

    So Seems like I'm sticking to:

    Mid compression engines regular 87 gas with a bit of Marvel's Mistery oil.

    In the high compression engines 104 unleaded with a bit of oil.
    Hello All...........The CAM racing gas is bought at the Speedway filling stations....And yes on the adding a small trace of oil to the fuel......If I start up some of the engines and just let them idle, they do get starved for lube.......Dale
    • CommentAuthorjay rich
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2010
    hey guys ....i agree with jaime i have made some real mixers of fuel ethly and gas and 90%glow fuel ultime 4 basicly a hot mix its works but stick with 87 oct and marvel pretty clean burn and little carbon on head and plugs av gas well i tried it is ok i like to start once in a while with pure ethonol for about the first 5 mins of run to burn out and gunk in the head ....jay
    • CommentAuthorkamran
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2010 edited
    I once converted a RC glow fuel engine to use gasoline.
    Part of conversion was to press fit a harden crank pin on the existing pin and changed from bronze bearings on the rod to needle bearings. Reason was to use low oil 40:1 gas/oil ratio.

    Also as part of experiment, I used denatured alcohol bought from Home Depot (Couldn't find methanol) and added castor oil (same ratio 40:1)
    The engine ran very well on that fuel using spark ignition. Denatured alcohol has a tendency to absorb water, so is not a good fuel, but if you can get methanol and nitro-methane, you can make your own fuel instead of glow fuel which has 20-30% oil which makes a big mess.

    Also I read that Jerry Howell ran all his engines using 70/30 methanol/Coleman fuel.