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    • CommentAuthormecanito
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010
    Hello alls.

    I interested on to know wich is the ratio gas/oil for the little engines two strokes.
    oil syntetic?
    Also, I intersted on the little engine two strokes of Dale Dietrich, but I canĀ“t conect with him. If you read this, please can you send me the plans I am grateful for you help.

    Thank you very much.
    • CommentAuthorkamran
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2010 edited
    Depends on type of engine you have.
    But generally If the connecting rod has needle bearing and the crankshaft pin is harden, then you can go to 40:1 gas/oil ratio.
    If it is just plain bronze bearing, then 10-15% oil is sufficient.
    Hello Mecanito.....Some information on the "tiny" two-cycle engine.......I have the engine set up to run on glow, or as ignition......Because of the running on a glow plug , I am using model airplane fuel.......The engine will run on a fuel mix of E-85 flex fuel, and 20 percent 2-cycle oil, using the spark ignition system from S/S machine & engineering LLC....Then trying to get the engine to run on glow ignition using the E-85 and the oil , was not as easy ( or as good ) as running on glow fuel.......So at this time, I am running glow fuel on both glow and ignition .......The engine will turn up the RPM's on both the glow and ignition system.......I expected the running would fall off using the spark ignition system, but I believe that the engine ran every bit as good using the spark ignition.....Again at this time I am using glow fuel, to let me switch from glow to spark and back again.....At early start up time, I had the engine up to 10,225 RPM, and at the NAMES show I did put the laser tach. on the engine and got a 8000 to 9000 speed reading several times......I did not notice that the room was lighted with high output flour. lighting.....I believe that the tach was reading the room lighting.......I will set up out in my garage some day, and go for a high speed run , with no flour. lights and see if it will go the 13,000 RPM design speed........Please try to email me again at , and if you can not get through, please give your email address to David, and have him to forward it to me........Thanks....Dale