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    Hi all, If you have built the Hercules would you please let me know if there are any errors on H2 which is the page with the block drawings. Especially the finished block height. I have completed the bottom of block to bottom of cylinder dimension machining and that leaves .230 to mill off the top of the block to come up with the described height. It seems like a lot to cut off but this is my first casting engine so I want to be sure there is that much extra before I mess up the casting. I wouldn't ask, and would do the mental work myself, but an illness has left my mental abilities compromised as it relates to multiple of ideas. I don't mind making parts from stock metal over and over but the castings are another story. Thanks
    Sorry John. I have the plans but have not started the project.
    John: I built the Hercules some time back. I don't remember any errors as to the block dimensions or anything else for that matter. I do seem to remember having to machine a good bit off the top of the block. Every casting will be slightly different so measure twice to be sure and cut once. Look at photos of finished Hercs on this website and compare what you will be left with after removing the .230 off the top. You should be left with a like amount of block after the machining off the top. Best of luck. Ron Colonna
    Thanks for the information Ron. Gives me more confidence hearing the plans are pretty much error free. I will take a look at the already complete engines and see what it looks like. I did find a drawing on another page that repeats the dimension so I'll move ahead.