Vertical CO2 type compressed air engine    

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This is the file download page for the drawings for this CO2 Engine designed by David Kerzel and completed in 2003.  The plans are FREE.  Click on the  file name to load the various pages.

The plans are accurate, but I would recommend using them as a staring point for your own ideas and designs.  The cylinder looks long,  the head could be screwed to the cylinder, it could have multiple cylinders. it could.....

If you have any problems loading files or with the actual drawings or  the engine please write me. David

Name PDF format Revision
Complete Engine Drawing Mini_V1 1.0, 8/3/2003
Crank Case and Crank shaft Mini_V1-01 1.0, 8/32003
Cylinder and Flywheel Mini_V1-02 1.0, 8/3/2003
Head and Back Cover Mini_V1-03 1.1, 8/10/2003
Piston and Connecting Rod Mini_V1-04 1.0, 8/3/2003
Descriptive text and photos Mini_V1-Pictures 1.0, 9/26/2003

The drawings, text and pictures may be used or modified for any nonprofit purpose. All accuracy and safety issues are the users responsibility and the author, provider and originator are in no way responsible or liable. (C) David Kerzel 2003.  If you have questions or comments please write me David .