Gallery of Model Engines

The Florida Association of Model Engineers Gallery is a showcase of model engines, craftsmanship, and design.  Members can forward images and a brief description of their model engines to the Webmaster who will standardize the format and add them to the Gallery.  For submission details please click here.

Click on the engine type or sorting method you are interested in to go to that gallery.

Single Cylinder, Horizontal Model Engine   - 3/28/2014

Collections of Model Engines

Single Cylinder, Vertical Model Engine - 2/2/2021

All model engines based on date posted

Multiple Cylinder Model Engine  - 3/28/2014

Work in progress  - 9/12/2012

External Combustion Model Engine  - 11/23/2011

Model Engine Related Items   - 2/20/2011

Non Combustion Model Engine  - 9/12/2012

Bob Shores Engines


Workshops  - 7/18/2011

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Engines dated 8/1/2004 are all from the original gallery and have been placed based on there order in that gallery.  They were entered in 2002.

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