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Jan Trollerud          Sandefjord, Norway               

Barr and Stroud, 1/3 scaled motorcycle engine from the 30's.

This is a real neat little engine featured in Strictly IC Magazine issues 83 and 84(back order issues are available). Its is a single vertical cylinder 4-cycle engine that is sleeve valved. It has a bore of 22mm and a stroke of 30mm making it 11.4cc. It stands about 6 inches when completed. It is machined from bar stock and Pieter Dekker of the UK has done the scaling work, the plans are easy understand too. It is a real nice looker. Any other builders of this engine please contact me. I have just started, all I have so far is the crank and flywheel assembly. I have also done some 3D cad work I am including for fun.



3/23/2005 CAD Crankcase, cylinder/manifolds and gearcase with cover

I live in Norway and we are totally METRIC.



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