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Charles D. Arbuthnot    Crystal River, FL        5/13/2004  

Silver Angel.


I am currently working on two engines, an Eagle and a Silver Angel.  I started on the Silver Angel a couple of years ago and because of work put it aside for a while.  Work is no longer a problem after being downsized by Progress Energy.  So I decided to start back constructing an engine.  After talking to Bob I decide to build the Eagle first.  Bob and his first wife Peewee have been a big help.  I have made several trips to there home and have always felt as if I were talking with family (only without the arguments).
I for one would like to truly thank Bob and Peewee for the contributions that they have made to engine modeling and look forward to building all of his engines. 
Having talked with Bob, I am certain that he is headed for a better place without pain and a nice air conditioned shop.  5/13/2004



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