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David Kerzel,     Pompano Beach, Florida    First posted 2/8/2003

Vertical Hit and Miss,  1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, 0.625 bore X 0.625 stroke

When I was at Cabin Fever in 2003 I liked the vertical Hit and Miss engines I saw.  While I was sitting in the Airport to come home I started to sketch this engine.  A small hit and miss, with the crank and gears inside.  Ball bearings so it will run all day for years  It is to be made of bar stock so anyone can build it. 

I hope to show all my steps from first sketch, drawings, making parts, and making it run on this page.  Based on my other projects it should take about a year

If you have comments or alternate ideas I would like to discuss them, hopefully on the message board..



1/22/2003  The first sketch                     Construction has begun with no plans

3/31/2003  A few changes have happened but the design has come together.

The first sketch has been put into CAD and refined.  Every part of the engine is shown and to scale.  Click here to view sketch.  

A second sketch was used to verify all the critical dimensions and clearances fit and work  Click here to view sketch.

Next all the parts will be detailed on drawings 

6/22/03  Two new designs and back to the original.  The proportions of the engine are not all that pleasing.   was read to start when I realized I had designed in 36 pitch gears that are hard to find.  Nearly every part changed.  I have started making some test parts.  even the 4 original blocks shown above are wrong sizes.  Never cut anything until the plans are Checked at least once,


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