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George D. Britnell.       Strongsville, Ohio         11/23/2011

 Desription: 5 cylinder radial aircraft engine.

Inspiration: I had an old set of Morton radial drawings sitting in my drawing box forever. Having always wanted to build a radial I dug them out to have a look. After going over them I decided to almost totally redesign it using the original basic dimensions of bore and stroke.


Specifications: .625 bore. .600 stroke. Modifications: moved pushrods from rear to front. Will utilize roller lifters. A complete pressure and scavenge oil system. Redesigned distributor to Hall effect trigger. Cam gear will be internal gear type with the cam lobes on the outside diameter. Moved carburetor from bottom of main crankcase to the rear of the engine. Changed lifter/pushrod angle to a more aesthetic looking design. Head and cylinders will be separate pieces that screw together.


George D. Britnell

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