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George D. Britnell.       Strongsville, Ohio         2/23/2010

90 degree V-twin, 1.00 bore x 1.25 stroke

90 degree V-twin, 1.00 bore x 1.25 stroke, air cooled, pressure oil to rods and cams, crank rides on sealed ball bearings, main pieces, crankcase, covers, heads and base are made from aluminum. The crank and rods are 1144 steel. The valves are stainless, operating in bronze guides with steel seats. Cast iron cylinders, aluminum pistons with 2 iron rings per piston. It will have a Hall effect ignition trigger with an electronic ignition.

 I have built several engines of differing configurations and wanted to build something a little different. I had seen the Hoglett and Jerry Howell’s V-twin but wanted to make one of my own. I started the drawings in August and started the build around November. There are 14 sheets in the drawing set and as the engine is nearing completion all of the drawings are up to date.

I have the recently posted V-twin running.


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