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Kamran Nili                     Boynton Beach, FL                                 6/2/2007

Inline 2 cylinder, 4 cycle, water cooled, wet sump with pushrod operated overhead valves and throttling carburetor. Bore 1", Stroke 1"


Finally after working on it for almost 2 years part time, I managed to finish the engine this weekend.
I still need to setup the timing and check the electrical connections so I haven’t  tried to start it yet.
For the fuel, I’m planning to use pure methanol or maybe add 5% nitro methane.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will post a video of the engine running.



Here are a few pictures of a  new engine that I'm designing. The design is my own and I think for now I'm going to call it Roshi-2. The crankcase and the block are made of solid aluminum machined to the shape with the water groove. A little bulky but that is ok for now. The valves are made of drill rod, pistons are aluminum and cylinders are made of steel.

Along the way I made a few design mistake but lucky I was able work around it. The drawings for this engine was done with design CAD.

Next I'm planning to build the crankshaft and camshaft.



Here are some new discriptions

Engine Type: 21CC 4-valve 2-cylinder water cooled, wet sump with throttling carburetor.
Bore x Stroke (in): 1.00 x 1.00
Compression ratio: 8:1
Fuel System: Carburetor
Engine Block: Aluminum alloy
Cylinder Head: Aluminum alloy
Piston & ring: Aluminum & cast Iron
Cylinder: Steel

At this point all the engine components are done.
I'm getting a very good compression from the engines and the valves are sealing very well.
I'm not sure if I want to go with distributor or waste spark ignition system. My first plan is to go
with distributor ignition system will hall sensor.

Also need to design a radiator for it as well. I'm thinking to use electronic water pump with  instead of belt driven one.



The pump is of type external gear pump. The gears used are 2 - 24 pitch, .25” face width, .5” PD, .58” OD, 12 teeth


The distributor and rotor are made of cast acrylic rod material. It is hold in placed with aluminum to prevent cracking.


Engine photos



I just finished the radiator for my 2 cylinder engine (Roshi-2) and here are some pictures. Whenever you have the time, please post them.




The Radiator is made of a sold  aluminum block machined to the shape.
I used JB weld to connect the cooling tubes to top and bottom covers and also used JB weld to connect the covers to the body.
2.5” long
3.75” high
1” wide
3 rows. 22 pieces of .125” diameter cooling tubes




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