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George D. Britnell.       Strongsville, Ohio         6/1/2008

Scratch built Holt engine

Here is what I am currently working on. It is a scratch built Holt engine. The reason for it being scratch built is because I purchased the drawings to see what they looked like and didn't like the design of the crankcase so I redesigned it making it in 2 pieces to better get at the main bearings. I figured while I was carving the crankcase out of billet aluminum I might as well carve out the other parts. The only castings that I purchased were the manifolds and the flywheels. I am finishing up the radiator and cooling system and should be able to run it by the middle of June. The Holt is a 1.00 bore x 1.25 stroke engine. It is has a splash oil system and a thermo-syphon cooling system, at least for now. If I find that it doesn't cool enough I will create some type of water pump for it.




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