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Tony Roscoe    Manchester, England       3/15/2008

The first picture is of the completed heads, Still waiting for the valve springs to be fitted
The second  picture is of the rocker arms, almost finished
Third Picture is the internals of the engine
Forth picture is of all the parts I have made to date


A more comprehensive set of pictures can be found at


The first part of  the engine I made was the Crankcase, as this is the largest piece of the engine I wanted to be sure it would fit in my lathe. I have a 3 3/8 centre height lathe which is about 50 years old.


The crank case was followed by the Crankshaft. I wanted the make the most difficult components first.


The end plates were the next parts to be manufactured


Following the Endplates I made the 4 cylinders.


Next to be made was the cambox

 I made the cylinder heads in one piece, I thought this would be a bit easier for me than making two halves and soldering them together.

You can see a complete record of all the parts made to date and how I made them by following the following link to the webshots site.



Here are a few more photo's for my work in progress page.

There photo's show the various stages for making the Camshaft

Picture one shows the cam blanks being made from a lenght of Silver Steel

Picture two shows the cam blanks ready for machining

Picture three shows a cam being made

Picture four shows the finnished cams, I made them as pairs for ease

Picture five shows the cams being set on the shaft

Picture six shows the cams soldered on the shaft

Picture seven shows the camshaft fitted and the lift being checked.



The First picture is of the engine built so far, the heads are now almost complete and end covers finished.
As usual a more complete set of pictures is available on the Webshots web site, the address is already on the page.

The second picture is the flywheel finished ready to be cleaned up and bored for the taper lock.



As usual a more complete set is on the webshots site





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