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Chuck Fellows,     Cave Creek, AZ

Two Cylinder Engine Project                1/7/2006


The attached photo show a two cylinder, open column engine that was inspired by a 6 cylinder version designed and built by Randall Cox.  Plans for his 6 cylinder engine was featured in volume 1, issue 1 of Model Engine Builder magazine.

The engine is a 4 stroke with the crank throws 180 degrees apart, like the old 2 cylinder John Deere's and 2 cylinder Listers.   When completed, it will have a 1" bore and 1.5" stroke.  Construction is steel for the frame and the Crank.  The cylinders and heads are cast iron and the connecting rods will be aluminum as will the pistons.

This pictures show a simple jig I made for turning the connecting rod throws of the crankshaft.  It's a cylindrical rod with a radial groove milled in the end to receive the crank web.  An axial flat is milled on one side such that the connecting rod journal will be centered on the cylinder when the crankshaft end is pressed up flag against it.  A hose clamp can be used to hold the crankshaft flush against the flat.  The whole thing is chucked in the three jaw chuck with crank end between the jaws.  Real simple and it worked flawlessly.


The two cylinder compressed air engine is for all intent and purpose completed as shown in pictures you already have.  I was going to paint it, but don't know when, if ever, I'll get around to it.  You might as well mark it as complete.  Here is a link to a video of the engine running on


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