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Ron Colonna         McKeesport, PA              ron.colonna@verizon.net

Novi V-8.

 I took some time today to take a couple of photos of my Novi V-8. I am submitting them to you for consideration for the website under "Work in Progress."


I started on this engine about a year ago working from photos I obtained from the Offenhauser Historical Society's website. The photos there show the Novi engine in a few stages of assembly during a possible rebuild. I am building the engine from the solid as I have with the last three engines I have built. The Novi is a supercharged engine using a centrifugal type charger running a little over 5 times engine speed. The model is "square" with a 3/4" bore and stroke. The eight cylinder liners are steel and will be water cooled. This engine will be pressure oiled with a dry sump similar to my Offenhauser. The crank is supported on three main bearings as was the prototype and is of one piece construction from Stressproof steel. The dual overhead cams on each bank are gear driven. All gears have been cut in my shop and are also made of Stressproof steel. Unlike the Offy, this engine has only two valves per cylinder, but the breathing will surely be enhanced with the supercharger. I spent the last couple of months machining the supercharger housing and it's mounting hardware. I am using a commercially produced impeller from a Dodge Shadow turbocharger. Hopefully, I will be able to get along with this project this winter as work has been slow as my interest in it's complexities runs hot and cold. Too many distractions and other projects waiting for attention.



two photos showing the progress of the Novi engine as of today.

More pictures and videos of running engines can be seen at www.ronsmodelengines.com .



I have been working in spurts trying to get my version of the Novi completed. It is still a work in progress but I think I'm finally done with the basic engine except for a multitude of gaskets that will have to be made when it is torn down and put through the final assembly. I took a few photos of it today after spot bolting on all the completed parts in order to take it to the Rough and Tumble show in Kinzer, Pa next week for display. The ignition system, radiator, display base,oil tank, etc. will be tackled next. A lot of plumbing will need to be run in order to get oil to and from the necessary spots where it is needed. You can see the gerotor pumps at the back of the engine where they are run off the camshafts. Everything turns over but the engine is a little tight and will need some break in time in the lathe. I'm sending two photos for inclusion in a progress update if you wish to add it to the galleries.


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