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David Kerzel,     Pompano Beach, Florida

Simple 4 cycle 2 cylinder V based on the Simple Vertical, 1.00 bore X 1.00 Stroke, Build 2

Last year I built the first in this series of engines.  The first one (click here to see it) was designed for construction on a lathe and drill press only.  I am also building a refined design that needs a lathe and mil for construction.  I think I removed all extra material and am covering the cylinder with fins for more cooling.   I will be simultaneously building this 2 cylinder V version and the new Simple Vertical.


Split big end bearings.  The brass is soldered together and turned on the solder center line

Connecting rods for the V


This engine is getting put aside for now.  The final 1 inch bore engine will be a single cylinder flat head.  When that engine is complete I plan on reducing the bore to 0.800 inch and taking on a group of 2 cylinder engines.

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